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1  To add your local business listing to our directory simply add listing.

2  There is no cost involved, it’s completely free to list your business.

3  Only local businesses and businesses serving the local region will be approved!

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All listings in our directory are quick and easy to find for both locals and visitors to the Eyre Peninsula.

Finding your required services and supplies is as simple as choosing a category above, or typing a business name into the homepage search bar. Thank you for choosing to shop local and support this great area.

Find everything you need during your time here on the Eyre PeninsulaSouth Australia.

It’s a great area to relax and take it easy for a while!

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The perfect tool

Eyre Peninsula directory is the perfect tool for both local businesses and consumers, and also for visitors to use as a guide during your visit. You can decide what you want to take advantage of and things you would like to do, as well as, take advantage of local specials and offers during your time spent on EP and beyond. You can enjoy your time in the area knowing that you have all the basic information at your fingertips in one tool.

Watch out for the latest information LIVE!

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Thank you for shopping local

1. Thank you for helping to reduce your environmental impact. By shopping as locally as possible you are reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Thank you for supporting your local community. By making your purchases through local businesses you are directly contributing to the community in which you live, this is good for you and the whole community.

3. Thank you for supporting local employment. Your local spending keeps jobs, opportunities for youth, and trades and services available within the local community.

4. Thank you for helping to stimulate a vibrant community to live in and thereby helping create a more appealing aesthetic that is not only great for you but for all locals and visitors to the region.

5. Thank you for raising the value of each dollar you spend by spending with local businesses that support local not-for-profits and charities. Your dollar keeps on giving to your local community through the increase of local donations.

6. Thank you for encouraging local effort and innovation and the will to keep striving for community prosperity.

7. Thank you for helping to enhance our community identity as one with sports, activities, social events, and growth.

Every dollar spent within your local community is a gift that keeps on giving back to you, just as every dollar spent outside your community is a loss of so many flow-on benefits. So thank you for choosing to buy from local business.

Thank you also to our visitors who choose to stay, play, shop, and support the local area. Each dollar you spend during your time with us is an injection of an additional dollar that was not available to our community prior to your visit.

No matter if you’re shopping in your local community or choosing to support local business during your visit, please accept our gratitude for your support, be it past, present, or in a future visit yet to come.

Thank you for choosing us!

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