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Eyre Peninsula Business Directory helps you to easily find what you need on The Eyre Peninsula.

Enjoy shopping & services on The EP & our handy, quick – find directory will help you find them.

About Eyre Peninsula Business Directory

Enjoy local shopping and services and our quick – find Eyre Peninsula business directory will help you find what you need.

We like to support our local businesses and promote local shopping, and we believe that the best way to do that is to let people know what shops and services are available to them locally. Eyre Peninsula Business Directory is a local business directory to the EP and helps you to find exactly what you’re looking for throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

Eyre Peninsula Business Directory

EPIC Eyre and The Eyre Peninsula Business Directory allows you to search for a local business. You’ll also be able to view local menus, special offers, and other important information that businesses may provide so you can be well informed when shopping throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

It’s important that everyone supports local businesses, and with this directory, local residents and visitors can do just that. From popular accommodation in the region to practical services such as transport or supermarkets, everyone can find the Eyre Peninsula Business Directory helpful.

For customers and local businesses, here’s how our directory can help you.

Dear Consumer

Want to see what services are available locally? Just choose our ‘Services‘ button to view the full list. You’ll even find listings in Eyre Peninsula Business Directory that you will never find on Google – because they’re not there. From the home business, local artist, and handyperson, to the local business that doesn’t appear in your Google search for their lesser-known offerings, they will all appear here in the directory.

Finding what you’re looking for is easy with our EPIC Eyre’s Eyre Peninsula Business Directory.

Dear EP Business

List your business with EP!C Eyre.

Why? Because unlike Google or any other business directory, with Ceduna Online you can use your listing as a webpage, which is much more than just your name, address, and contact information.

You can have a more detailed description of your business and products and services that you offer along with your listing, including specials, menus, or information customers will want to know.

Please see our pricing page to begin your new listing. After completing your listing it will be approved and will then be live here within our Ceduna business directory.

After your listing goes live you can then claim it which will give your listing a blue tick. This means that all messages that potential customers send through the message panel within your business listing will then go directly to your email.

EP Business Directory


You must be an Eyre Peninsula business!

We receive many submissions from non-local businesses. Please don’t waste your time in completing a listing if you are not an EP business, because your listing will not be approved, and therefore will never be seen on our live site.